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Da Queen BEE & Urban D

 Written exclusively for Spiritual Minded Magazine By Da Queen BEE, Angie BEE, Photos By A. Lewis (www.LCGcfl.com)

Riding up to the new 43,000 square foot campus of Crossover Church, my eyes welled with pride. “Oh my GOD!  Look at this building!” I mean, I knew what a Toys ‘R Us building looked like, and before I arrived I could visualize what the new campus may look like. Last year, I was a member of the “virtual” prayer team for Crossover as Pastor Tommy posted updates on the church moving from their former campus to the movie theater, to the hotel conference room and then to the former Toys ‘R Us building. I prayed for favor over the Crossover Church family and I asked for a swift resolution and that God’s Will be done during this transition but it wasn’t until I pulled up in front of the doors that I realized the magnitude of this move and what it meant for Flavor Fest!

Founded 11 years ago with a mission to “Train, Network and Resource emerging leaders to impact hip-hop culture for Christ,” Flavor Fest has evolved into a training ground for artists, fans, businesses and ministry leaders. This was my FIRST Flavor Fest (can you believe that!) and if it is the Lord’s Will, I will never miss another one!  I learned SO MUCH! I had SO MUCH FUN and I just want to share a bit of my experiences with each of you.

First, I entered the campus after drying my tears of joy and I marveled at the sheer organization of the entrance. A greeter welcomed me with a smile and pointed me in the direction of the registration area. When I approached the registration table and gave my “Government Name”, he responded with “Are you Da Queen BEE?” and when I confirmed it, he smiled and gathered my registration badge and bag. WOW! He seemed to know me? He made me feel really welcome; then, blessings really began!

Although my guest Anthony was not registered for the conference, he drove me to Flavor Fest and came inside to check out the church. I wanted him to get an idea of what would unfold for me that weekend, so before he departed I invited him to accompany me to experience worship service “Crossover” style. I whispered to him “just keep in mind that this church doesn’t have a “choir” stand… just a DJ with turntables!” Anthony comprehended my comment, but still seemed impressed by the lights, music and visual ministry.  The praise was anointed and God visited us that morning, in spite of the lack of a traditional choir. Over the years, I have said that the next generation of ministry leaders will do away with the old school preaching, the choir robes and the fuss and they will usher in the presence of God with just their hearts.  On this morning, I witnessed this for myself. Anthony felt it too!

Now, it was time for our first speaker!  Fred Lynch impressed us with his “Low-Tech” stage props, but blessed us with his love for his family and Christ. We all cracked up with his story of his group Preachers In Disguise, better known as P.I.D. and how the group name was also associated with a sexually transmitted disease! Even Urban D was blushing from the front row when Fred told this joke! It was an honor to listen to this Pastor reflect on his life in Gospel Hip Hop and I was a bit sad to see him leave the stage.

Next, it was time to head to the gym!  I followed a brother that was headed to the “Artist Track” where he wanted to hear Flame speak. Sounded good to me, so I tagged along. On the way to the gym I noticed all the volunteers in the hallway that helped direct us to our classes. Such wonderful organization!  I entered the room and saw recording artists, producers and more! “What’s a little DJ like me, doing in a place like this? I wondered”  Well… Flame and his lovely wife kicked ALL my doubts to the curb as they ministered together on a variety of aspects that not only do artists need, but leaders in general could use these tips. For a moment, I forgot that he was a Grammy-nominated recording artist with a seminary degree! He exuded years of ministry and business experience and confidence and every statement from his wife made me more and more proud of them both!

Flame & Angie BEE

LUNCH WAS DA BOMB; What more can I say! I almost felt like I was back in high school trying to eat at the table with the cool kids, but then I remembered that I was “home” at Crossover, and I just plopped down with some of the fellas. Women continue to be the minority in this genre. There are a lack of women recording artists, DJs and DEFINITELY a lack of radio show hosts like myself. I remember three years ago with I was first asked to host an air shift on The Jericho Broadcast Network’s gospel radio station. A four-hour daily shift airing weekdays would attract listeners because of my charm and wit (really… !?) but the music was my biggest concern. “I want to exclusively air Holy Hip Hop music” I told the station manager. His reply? “If you can get the music, you can play it.” Hence, The Hottest Home Hotspot WORLDWIDE radio show was born and it became the first and largest show in this country formatted for exclusively Holy Hip Hop music in a weekday time slot.

Angie BEE & Play

Speakers, Artists, Workshops and CONCERTS!  Flavor Fest had me feeling like a kid at Disney World for the first time. I ran up to Dwayne Tryumf and hugged him before I even think I introduced myself to him (Sorry Dwayne… you still had your luggage in hand and I was just giddy with pride to meet you!) Lil Prophet and his adorable wife are SO sick of me kissing them on their cheeks and I know that Brinson wanted to leave when I grabbed him for a picture! Keisha Dream was a BLESSING to meet in person and so was K.A.S!  Jai is a PISTOL on stage and I won’t even MENTION how special is was to meet Christopher “Play” Martin (I watched his cartoons when he was a part of Kid and Play!)

Although I sat in the back of the concert (there was a row for all the mamas and grandparents that brought kids to the concert… lol!) I felt the energy and love coming from each artists on stage. I can’t wait to hear the updates on the marriage proposal and acceptance that took place in the middle of the Saturday night concert! I want an Evite to the wedding… lol

Flavor Fest 2012 – register today and don’t wait until the last minute. Get ready to experience an endurance boot camp filled with fun, ministry, fellowship and some of the FRESHEST hair styles on the East Coast! Even Pastor Tommy had a fresh new cut!  lol. www.FlavorFest.org – you need it for your soul… we need you for your faith. Until the Lord blesses me to be with you again, I am honored to be Angie BEE, Da Queen BEE!!!!

About Angie BEE: Christian, Author, Producer, Promoter & The Host of The Hottest Home Hotspot WORLDWIDE Syndicated Holy Hip Hop Radio Show. Founder and CEO of Angie BEE Productions, Producing Christian entertainment enjoyed by the entire family! Check out The BEE HIVE at www.AngieBEE.com


About AJ Woodson

AJ Woodson is a Father, Author, Writer, Radio Personality, Hip-Hop Historian, and A Freelance Journalist whose byline has appeared in several print publications and online sites including The Source, Vibe, the Village Voice, Upscale, Sonicnet.com, Launch.com, Rolling Out Newspaper, Spiritual Minded Magazine and several others.


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